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Gracie Jiu-jitsu: Under the guidance of Grandmasters Helio and Carlos Gracie, Sr, the age old Japanese martial arts systems of Jujitsu and Judo were refined and modified to focus more on the foundational principles of utilizing Leverage, Energy Efficiency, Patience, Natural Body Movements, and most importantly, true Street Self Defense effectiveness, to form what is today know as Gracie Jiujitsu (or Brazilian Jiujitsu).   At Bushin Martial Arts Academy, we continue to teach the art with these foundational principles as our guide points.  Our first and primary focus is to teach simple, highly effective, reality-based self defense principles and techniques.   With the focus on utilizing leverage, energy efficiency, and natural body movements, as opposed to relying on power, speed, and excessive strength-based techniques, Gracie Jiujitsu in its purest form is a great endeavor for people of ALL ages

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