Private Instruction

Private lessons are available upon request. Although the techniques taught in group classes and private classes are the same, there are many added benefits to training with private instruction. The primary difference is that you are training one-on-one with an instructor. Because of this, the instructor can present techniques at the optimal time to maximize your learning efficiency. They can also see, feel, and give you immediate feedback on your mastery of the techniques.

With the fast pace of today’s society, having the flexibility to schedule private lessons around your hectic life and schedule is a huge benefit of private training. You won’t have to worry about rushing home from work or school to make it class on time as we will work with you to schedule the best possible routine to fit your scheduling needs. Whether you only have 30 days to train before a deployment or are traveling across the country to train for a week, private lessons afford you the opportunity to achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

If you regularly train in group classes and want to polish a few techniques or get a slight jump ahead of the crowd, then private lessons are a perfect way to do it! Getting started. Everybody is not at the same fitness level and private sessions are a great way to start your training in a martial arts program at your own pace. This allows the instructor to personally tailor your training program according to your current physical condition and goals. Many of our students start their training with private sessions before moving into the group classes.